Повышение цен на услуги виртуального хостинга Plesk

  • 18th February 2023
Здравствуйте,Наша компания достаточно долго стремилась удерживать цены на одном уровне уже много лет. Но в связи с инфляцией и факторами удорожания себестоимости самой услуги мы вынуждены ...
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Technical work on

  • 15th February 2023

Today, work will be carried out to improve the network, the work will affect the servers in the subnets:
The duration of the work will be about 20-30 minutes. During this period, your server will be unavailable.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Price increase for virtual hosting services

  • 3rd February 2023
Hello,Our company has long sought to keep prices at the same level for many years. But due to inflation and cost factors for the service itself, we are forced to raise the cost of services:Shared hosting in Germany and Shared hosting in the Netherlands. prices:Economy - $2.9 per monthPro - ...
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New ipv4 subnet in the Netherlands

  • 11th October 2022

VPS orders in the Netherlands are available again. We have announced another large ipv4 network and have already switched to a cluster

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